Demand Management

Energy demand management, also known as demand side management (DSM), is the modification of consumer demand for energy through various different methods including financial incentives and behavioral change through education.

For years, utility companies have gained access to valuable data about consumers’ energy consumption thanks to smart meters. They learn information about your usage like peak demand times, and other habits or preferences you might have to use to their advantage so they can market to you better.

Nowadays, consumers nationwide have access to this same information and you can use it to your advantage as well in order to manage and monitor changes in your facility’s energy usage. This data can help benefit you in a number of ways like allowing you to know when it’s best to run certain types of machinery, hot often to run heating and cooling units, and when to maximize your energy’s efficiency

Winn Energy can help you access this information and insight and use optimize it to improve your situation. We can gather and analyze the data, then suggest improvements as our experts help walk you through every step of the process.

Our energy demand management services help customers save tons of money and time.

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